Last mile connectivity

Ola and Uber are changing India in more ways that the Government could never do by adding roads! The concept of last mile connectivity is almost unknown in India. As one lands at Mumbai airport, you realise, there is no public transport at the airport. The nearest train station is hardly a few kilometres away but to get there is bothersome. Compare this with Singapore and Hong Kong -you feel so relaxed coming out of these airports.

A recent ET news report stated that Ola is doing about 750,000 trips in a day and Uber about 200,000 trips in a day!

Those are massive numbers and I won’t be surprise if they grow 100% annually for the next few years. To think of something like this even 2 years ago would be unimaginable. Smartphones coupled with data plans have revolutionised way urban India moves around.

All this, has major implications and among others clearly the big beneficiaries are:

  1. Airlines
  2. Movies
  3. Restaurants
  4. Hospitals
  5. Trains

However, the impact is way beyond what I can fathom currently.

But this is one space which will continue its explosive growth year after year. The benefits are clear –

  1. No haggling
  2. Guaranteed cleanliness
  3. Safety
  4. State of the art mapping
  5. Drop off to the last point

Can’t think of a direct play on this change in habit (lifestyle). But I do think airline traffic surge of 30% in July, 2015 would have something to do with this. But airline companies have many other issues to grapple. Makes me wonder why the airline companies never thought of solving this simple problem of making their customers go where they have to. Just like, how they seem to have got it right on feeding their customers en-route.

The moral of the story is that a revolution in one space rarely ever goes without touching others.

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