Road trip

Takeaways from a recent 3 day visit to Deolali, Nasik – Maharashtra

Roads are impeccable. Rode 180kms in about 2-21/2hrs flat. Its a completely stress free ride

However, the instance of opposite driving has gone up dramatically. People seem to have got a lot more lazier to do roundabouts. So, one has to be a lot more careful now if wish to overtake from the left side.

Things that just hit you as you move from a 20mn+ people city to a city with 50k people.

  1. Everything is at a slow motion mode. It works magic on your system
  2. Noise level drops 80%
  3. You sleep more
  4. You completely loose track of time. Anyway in today’s life can you be far away from a clock!

Business observations

  1. Construction has gone up many fold in the last 10 years
  2. It seemed hotter in the afternoon
  3. Restaurants are in a time warp. A lot of the full service restaurants give you a feel of coming to the 80s/90s. The menu’s serve everything.
  4. Price levels a 50% lower for a lot of things
  5. Cafe Coffee Day is the only cool spot to escape from the heat.
  6. Healthcare Juice Centre on Lam Road is still cutting edge. The best juice centre in all of Maharashtra.


  1. Must go every few months
  2. Take loads of books. See and make sure there is no internet wherever you are.
  3. And don’t forget to shout “I love you mountain” on the way!

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